We at Acousticspro22 have been in the acoustic treatments industry for over 12 year, we build from home theaters to acoustic panels for recording studios, listening room, conference rooms, auditoriums, worship congregations, restaurants, schools, offices and any room or institution in need of acoustic treatments, what make us different from the other acoustic manufactures is we can handle any acoustic request we just no build square!! panels we can build them in Geometric shapes, we can custom build our standard panels a t no extra cost only if they are smaller than standard size, we at Acousticpro22 strive for quality not just for the bottom line we want our product to last for years.

Acousticspro22 is the leading manufacturer of studio-grade acoustic panels in a variety of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses to lend a professional appearance to your home or recording space. Our company specializes in innovative products, helping you to tune the sound qualities of a room with the best sound panels for the money.

In business for over a decade, Acousticspro22 offers a range of sound dampening panel shapes to suit your needs. From our popular DF Frameless Reversible Acoustic Panels in different thicknesses, to our C-48 Corner Bass Traps, our quality construction and impressive sound absorbing performance has made us an industry leader. Our panels are made with strong internal frames, giving the panels a sharp appearance and improving their performance over traditional framed panels. Ecologically-friendly rock wool insulation makes up the sound deadening interiors of our panels, and each is covered in thick, tough cotton canvas to last for years. Best of all, our acoustic sound panels come in a stunning variety of colors to suit any décor in churches, recording studios, office conference rooms, home theaters, and other places where sound needs to be controlled.

Further tune your room with our versatile B-24 Acoustic Panels, which come in disc and square shapes and a range of finish colors. Finish off the room with bass panels like our CT-12 Corner Bass Trap to help absorb unwanted low frequencies. These improve sound quality tremendously and give a finished appearance to the room or studio space where they’re installed.

Acousticspro22 also offers custom acoustic panel construction for your recording needs. We can build them in any shape you need and for any environment where you wish to control unwanted reverb and low frequency tones. Great performance and quality construction are the hallmarks of every acoustic panel product we sell. Contact us today for more information or for inquiries about our custom panel ordering process.